A Message to the Aboriginal Peoples of North America

We are living in a special time in history. It is now time for the Aboriginal Peoples of North America to step out of ignorance and unite as a people. American Society has confused and mislead us in many different ways. As indigenous peoples, we have lost touch with our natural way of being as ancient people. It is now the time to travel back into our roots and rediscover our true power and potential.

 There is no way that the US Government can truly support our natural ways of living because the masterminds of American Society are white. Their only wish is to perpetuate and further expand the control of the masses (Black & Brown). The relationship between the European colonizers and black aboriginals has been parasitic since Europeans first arrived in North America 465 years ago.

 As aboriginal peoples, we can no longer allow ourselves to depend on the systems within American Society; we MUST create our own systems from scratch to fit our mold for the well-being and prosperity of future generations to come.

 First and foremost, it is time for us to develop our own educational programs for our people. No more “K-12” for our youth. We must develop a new curriculum for our youth and “Awakening” programs for adults. A new knowledge must be taught to our people so that we can begin to rise and unite as one nation. It is time for an educational program created by black people for black people.

 Let us begin by initiating online think-tanks in order for us to deliberate solutions and brainstorm ideas for the betterment of our people. Our ideas are always solution-oriented and we take action immediately.

 If interested in being a member of our online Think-Tank, please comment below with your email. I will reach out to you and send details on our community so that you can be involved with this movement.

Thank You

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